Advanced Breast Cancer Care

The SCOUT® wire-free radar localization system can help improve the surgical experience for breast cancer patients by eliminating the need to place a wire inside breast tissue to locate a tumor. It can increase the probability of complete cancer removal while conserving healthy breast tissue during a lumpectomy or biopsy.

SCOUT is FDA approved for long-term placement in breast and soft tissues. It can help surgeons precisely target the affected tissue to pinpoint its location within 1 mm. This can lead to more successful surgeries, optimized breast conservation strategies and enhanced outcomes for women.

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How Does SCOUT Work?

Many women require additional surgery after having breast-conserving surgery because not all cancer cells may be removed in the initial procedure. SCOUT helps improve the likelihood that you won't need a second surgery. Instead of using wires to localize breast tumors, SCOUT uses a tiny reflector smaller than a grain of rice that is placed in the tumor. This non-radioactive reflector acts as a guidance system for the surgeon, leading them directly to the tumor.

What Are the Benefits of SCOUT?

  • Eliminates wire localization
  • Precisely identifies tumor location and depth
  • Requires shorter procedure time than using wire localization
  • Limits tissue removal, which can lead to better cosmetic results
  • Smaller incisions are needed, leading to less pain and quicker recovery
  • Reflector will not interfere with any medical imaging required during the continuum of care

When Should SCOUT Be Used?

Patients who have early-stage breast cancer and their tumors cannot be felt by hand are good candidates for using SCOUT during a lumpectomy or excisional biopsy. SCOUT can help surgeons more accurately locate the tumor during the first surgery, which means treatments after surgery such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy can begin sooner.