Nutrition at Temecula Valley Hospital

Nutritional Services

Nutrition plays an important role in patient care and recovery. Room service dining at Temecula Valley Hospital gives patients more control over what and when they eat, and meals are fresh and made to order. Patients can order from menus that are based on the diet prescribed by their physician with input from registered dietitians.

Eight menus are available to fit the special needs of patients. Among the different menus are a general menu, a dysphagia menu, a gluten-free menu and a renal menu. Spanish versions of each menu are also available.

One patient recently wrote a positive comment about the hospital:

“The entire food section has been excellent. I am on a cardiac/diabetic diet and your chefs are very creative. I’ve loved all my meals and my scores in all areas are very good because of your fine care. I loved the quesadillas and frittata. Thank you.”

Registered Dietitians

The hospital's staff of registered dietitians provides nutrition assessments and recommendations. Dietitians may visit patients to discuss nutritional needs, as well as provide advice on making healthy food choices from the room service dining program.

Dietitians work in collaboration with the medical team to help ensure patients get the best nutritional care while they are in the hospital and after discharge. The dietitians are skilled in identifying nutritional problems that can be caused by different diseases, and in developing meal plans and education to help alleviate the problems.

Malnutrition is not a new problem but has always been an important one. Studies show early and timely nutrition intervention can reduce complication rates and improve outcomes. Dietitians at TVH have extensive training on nutrition that is focused on physical assessments, including physical examination to help determine fat and muscle loss and identify micronutrient deficiencies. These examinations can help them quickly identify nutritional deficits and promptly develop treatment plans.  

Podcast: Tips to Get Your Family to Eat Healthy

In this podcast Jennifer Lyman, RDN, from Temecula Valley Hospital, provides helpful tips to help your family eat right.

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Nutritional Services at Temecula Valley Hospital

"Here at Temecula, we created our menu with the patient in mind. We realize that nutrition plays an important role in the patient's recovery."

Healthy Eating

Laurence Boggelin, MD, and Erica Wilson, Clinical Dietician, from Temecula Valley Hospital provide helpful tips to help your family eat right.



Malnutrition Education

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