Employee Testimonials

Hear directly from employees why they enjoy working at Temecula Valley Hospital:

"I transferred from another hospital in Las Vegas to come to work at Temecula Valley Hospital. I was in awe when I came to TVH. Everyone I met was so friendly and caring. My boss is the greatest!! She's honest and straightforward and listens to our concerns. She always follows through with getting back to us and makes sure we understand the policies. I hear so many nice compliments we get from patients and visitors. It makes me very proud to work here at Temecula Valley Hospital because we do make a difference." Shirley G., PBX

“I like working at TVH because of the never-stagnant, ever-evolving situations and challenges we are faced with and the ability to have an opportunity to work with such a diverse group of individuals in the various departments that make up the TVH Family to reach our common goals and objectives.” Skip B., IT

“As one of the first employees hired at this hospital, I was able to experience and participate in its evolution. I am proud that Temecula Valley Hospital is a place where we can look forward to going to work; where employees treat both our patients, and each other, like family.” Jonathan B., Emergency Dept.

“A true blessing is being able to come to work in a place full of love and compassionate employees, and going home happy, because I was able to make the sad and sick feel happy and energetic. I get paid to bring the comfort MaMas give when their children are sick. “They say laughter and sleep are the best cures!” Kalisha G.,EVS

“I chose to work at TVH to extend my cardiac knowledge and the additional learning opportunities that are offered with my job position. I also wanted to be part of a brand new hospital and be able to help perfect policies and procedures that will enable TVH to be acknowledged as the favorite hospital in the area.” Cindy V., RN

“Here's why I love working at TVH. First, the intensivists are experienced, knowledgeable, compassionate doctors. They collaborate with nursing and all other team members. They really make a difference in the staff relationships and patient care. I am grateful and lucky to work with these physicians. Second, the administration is available and visible to the staff and patients throughout the hospital. I have never worked for a company in which the administration was so available to all.” Jen P., RN