Treating Heart Disease at Temecula Valley Hospital

Temecula Valley Hospital offers a variety of noninvasive cardiac treatments, including:

Thrombolytic therapy

Thrombolytic therapy uses medications to dissolve arterial clots and let blood flow normally. The earlier the clot-dissolving drugs are used, the better chance cardiologists have of avoiding serious, irreversible heart damage.

Supplemental oxygen

Supplemental oxygen can be provided to the cardiac muscle during a heart attack to help the heart work easier.


Medications that improve blood flow to the heart can be given after a heart attack to lower the body’s demand for oxygen and treat or prevent irregular heart rhythms.


Rest is another important aspect of treatment after a heart attack, especially resting the heart muscle. You can reduce strain on the heart by resting quietly. Temecula Valley Hospital monitors patients to ensure that their heart is not overworked.

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