Patient Experiences at TVH

Emergency Heart Care Gives Temecula Man a New Lease on Life

"Their tremendous staff helped me live through a cardiac story of survival."

It was 2015, the Sunday of the Thanksgiving holiday.William Richardson Temecula resident William Richardson and his wife Connie decided to head out in the cooler weather to hike one of their favorite local trails about 20 miles east of Temecula. It was midway through the hike that William, having until that moment shown no symptoms of a heart issue, collapsed and Connie realized they had left their cell phones at home.

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Temecula Resident Collapses During School Pick Up

"Miracles happen, and I am proof thanks to the incredible staff at Temecula Valley Hospital."

Jayson Fanning and the TVH teamIt was December 17, 2021, and like any other day, Temecula resident Jayson Fanning arrived to pick his daughter up from school. Unknown to Jayson, this day would be very different. Despite feeling completely fine when he set out, Fanning collapsed at the school.

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