"Miracles happen, and I am proof thanks to the incredible staff at Temecula Valley Hospital."

April 1, 2022

Jayson Fanning and the TVH teamIt was December 17, 2021, and like any other day, Temecula resident Jayson Fanning arrived to pick his daughter up from school. Unknown to Jayson, this day would be very different. Despite feeling completely fine when he set out, Fanning collapsed at the school.

Those who witnessed the event were quick to respond. The school nurse initiated CPR, which was continued by Riverside County Sherriff’s Sergeant Rice until an ambulance arrived. Fanning was intubated on the school campus, where it took around 30 minutes to revive him. At this point, it was unknown to all what had happened.

Working Tirelessly Against Every Obstacle

Upon arrival at Temecula Valley Hospital (TVH), it was suspected that Fanning had experienced a pulmonary embolism, however a CT scan later revealed there was in fact no clot on his lungs and that he had not only suffered a heart attack, but also a CPR-induced stroke. The focus was then directed to his heart as the primary concern. It was discovered that Fanning had a 100% blockage of the “widow-maker” artery, for which he received a stent. Fanning then went on to develop pneumonia, shifting the focus to his lungs as the top priority.

“At this point it was literally one thing after another,” said Fanning’s wife, Jamie. “Every time we turned a corner, something else would happen to set Jayson back.”

In total, Fanning spent 40 days at Temecula Valley Hospital under the care of the hospital’s ICU, Cardiac and Respiratory teams. “Man, they’re good at what they do here,” said Fanning. “I could barely walk down the hallway at one point, but the staff here worked tirelessly against every obstacle we faced and got me back on my feet and home to my family.”

“Jayson’s condition was complex, and often critical," said Temecula Valley Hospital Chief Executive Officer Darlene Wetton. “His return to health required the amazing efforts of the highly trained healthcare team at TVH. It’s an honor to work beside them and to recognize them for Jayson’s incredible success story.”

Fanning has spent the last month recovering at home and is looking forward to driving the new truck he had bought before all of this happened. “They saved my life, and we are lucky to have a hospital like this close by in our community,” said Fanning. “Miracles happen, and I am proof thanks to the incredible staff at Temecula Valley Hospital.”