Health News Magazine Fall/Winter 2019

Health News Magazine Fall 2019 (October)

Health News from the Temecula Valley Hospital is a publication designed to bring you the latest news as well as health and wellness information you can use throughout the year. You can read the latest issue here, or sign up to have Health News mailed directly to your home.

In This Issue:
Health News Magazine Fall 2019 - Advanced Neurological and Stroke Care
Fall 2019 (October)

Health Briefs

Read about our advanced neurological care, a minimally invasive aortic procedure and more.
Health News - Fall 2019 - GERD
Fall 2019 (October)

Have GERD? The LINX® May Be the Answer

If you have been diagnosed with chronic reflux or GERD, there is a new device available that can be an alternative to long-term use of reflux medications and their possible side effects.
TVH Healthnews Fall 2019 - Joint replacement prep
Fall 2019 (October)

Ready, Set, Recovery!

If you need to have knee or hip replacement surgery, knowing what to expect can help make a big difference in your experience.