Temecula Valley Hospital Makes a Difference by Adding a Personal Touch

November 17, 2016
Temecula Valley Hospital Makes a Difference by Adding a Personal Touch

Temecula Valley Hospital volunteers LeAnn Gerst (L) and Howard Keck (R) take therapy dogs Newman and Abby on rounds to visit patients.

At Temecula Valley Hospital, we deliver compassionate patient-centered care every day. “It’s very much a family-oriented culture here at Temecula Valley Hospital,” says Chief Executive Officer Darlene Wetton. “Our entire staff is engaged to make sure every patient and visitor has a positive experience from admission to discharge.”

Many of our employees live in the nearby communities, so they know they are caring for their neighbors and friends. Says Wetton, “It’s about developing relationships and earning the patient’s trust. They feel more relaxed knowing they are not only receiving compassionate care from experienced professionals, but also from people who live in their own community.”

Board Chairman Dennis Frank says Temecula Valley Hospital lives up to its reputation by letting the community know it cares. “You get a great sense of what patient-centered care means from the moment you walk in the door,” says Frank. “It’s all about our patients and giving them the best experience. Everything we do has a personal touch.”

The personal touch is evident from the time a  guest parks their car. Volunteers drive golf carts  to pick up and shuttle visitors to the front door. Once inside, they are escorted to their loved  one’s private room. Spiritual care volunteers visit patients on a daily basis, and certified pet therapy dogs are routinely available to inpatients. 

Loved ones are also allowed in patient rooms 24/7, and patients and visitors can order food on demand from an extensive menu. “We encourage families to stay and be involved in the care process,” says Wetton. “Our food service is unique and exceptional – very much like hotel room service.” 

“People no longer have to drive long distances to receive high-quality care,” says Frank. “It’s right here at Temecula Valley Hospital.”