Temecula Valley Hospital is First in California to Bring Applied Artificial Intelligence to Stroke Care

Monday, September 30, 2019
Temecula Valley Hospital is First in California to Bring Applied Artificial Intelligence to Stroke Care

Hamed Farid, MD, Interventional Neuroradiology Medical Director, views an image of the brain in the neuro biplane room at Temecula Valley Hospital.

Synchronizing Stroke Care to Deliver the Right Patients to the Right Doctors at the Right Time

As one of the leaders in stroke care in Southern California, Temecula Valley Hospital continues its commitment to leveraging the most advanced innovations to improve access and optimize treatment for patients who are suffering an acute stroke. Temecula Valley Hospital uses software from Viz.ai to further enhance the power of its stroke care team through quick detection and notification of suspected large vessel occlusions (LVO) in the brain. Through the use of artificial intelligence, our stroke specialists can better synchronize timely care and determine the optimal patient treatment plan.

Stroke specialists with access to this new technology can potentially save critical minutes, even hours, in the triage, diagnosis and treatment of strokes. Combining groundbreaking applied artificial intelligence with seamless communication, Viz.ai's image analysis facilitates fast and accurate triage of suspected LVOs in stroke patients and better collaboration between clinicians at comprehensive and referral hospitals. Viz.ai synchronizes care across the whole care team, enabling a new era of "Synchronized Care" where the right patient gets to the right doctor at the right time.

“Viz.ai’s applied artificial intelligence solutions have been developed by top stroke clinicians and technical experts around the world and we are excited to be able to bring these transformational technologies to Temecula Valley Hospital and our community,” said Darlene Wetton, CEO of Temecula Valley Hospital. “Viz.ai’s solutions will transform the way we deliver stroke care to our community, which we believe will result in improved outcomes for our patients.”

Viz LVO is transforming hospital workflow and synchronizing stroke care with a cloud-based artificial intelligence system that automatically analyzes CT scans for suspected LVOs. It alerts neurovascular specialists of suspected LVOs, enabling earlier imaging review and better collaboration between specialists.

“We are excited to partner with Temecula Valley Hospital, a first-class health system, with the foresight and commitment to provide cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions to help transform healthcare and increase access to lifesaving treatments for its patients and community,” said Dr. Chris Mansi, CEO of Viz.ai.

About Viz.ai, Inc.

Viz.ai is the leader in applied artificial intelligence in healthcare. Viz.ai’s mission is to fundamentally improve how healthcare is delivered in the world, through intelligent software that promises to reduce time to treatment and improve access to care. Viz.ai’s flagship product, Viz LVO, leverages advanced deep learning to communicate time-sensitive information about stroke patients straight to a specialist who can intervene and treat.

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